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Their 2010 release “Big American Godzilla Party” has more of the same goodness, but it’s their live shows that rightfully garner the acclaim. Great music, high energy, confetti and balloons. It’s a Hell of a time.

Excerpt from Best Band of 2010: Beware! The Other Head of Science, Year end praise from (12/29/2010) and written Kevin Marshall

“Don’t even think about asking who the original head of science is or why you shouldn’t exercise caution around him/her. Just dance. Beware!’s spazzy synth-pop is like a can of root beer, filled with Pop Rocks, poured down the pants of a hyperactive seventh grader. Yeah.”

BEWARE! was named Best Electropop Band in Metroland’s 2009 ‘Best of the Capital Region’ issue.

“Proud purveyors of electro-pop, Beware’s ploy to steal your retinas was just as quickly followed by a compelling and successful attempt to steal all ears. The frenetic band exploded with energy, confetti and music. The set was littered with clever numbers like “Monster Song” about Lake Champlain’s Champ and “Winter Coats” (slang for beards).”

Excerpt from LIVE: Beware! The Other Head of Science @ LarkFest, a review of our performance at Larkfest. Posted at (9/22/2009) and written by Matt Mac Haffie

“Local band Beware! the Other Head of Science were just about the perfect opener, their energetic take on dance-punk landing them closer to the hardcore side of the fence at times. They also have a couple of songs melodic and catchy enough to get them on the radio, accessible in a screechy Isaac Brock sort of way—and unlike the headliners, Beware! seemed intent on giving the crowd more than their money’s worth.”

Excerpt from Gimme Three Clicks, a review of our show with !!! (chk chk chk) published in Metroland (5/7/2009) and written by Mike Hotter

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