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The Short Version:
BEWARE! the Other Head of Science is an electro-rock freak-out formed by members Jesse Horton (bass, vocals) and Matt Ferguson (synths, guitar, vocals) in 2006. The band has since gained the talents of Richard Nolan Jr. (keys, guitar, vocals) and Seth Tillinghast (drums) as well as Kamran Parwana (synths, vocoder), and Ryan Stewart (synths, wave drum). BEWARE! has gained notoriety in the Capital Region of New York through a ton of hard work, promotion, and perfecting the art of putting together awesome shows. BEWARE! has played with some national bands that you may have heard of, including: Moby, Matt and Kim, Titus Andronicus, Lightning Bolt, !!! (chk chk chk), The Secret Machines, The Mathematicians, and Phantogram. Additionally, they were voted best Electro-pop band for 2 consecutive years by local alternative press The Metroland. Live, BEWARE! is a spastic array of punk rock energy, avant experimenting, and pop song writing, all the while spewing glitter, balloons, confetti and generally having a whole lot of fun!

The Extended Read:
Jesse Horton and Matt Ferguson began writing songs for what would eventually become BEWARE! the Other Head of Science back in the spring of 2006. The two bounced lack-luster band names off of each other, performing for the first time together as ‘the Smashing Penguins’ at a house show that May, where a couple of early originals were showcased as well as covers of the Rolling Stone’s ‘Time Is On My Side’ and the Misfits ‘Where Eagles Dare’. Though few present would say that the performance was less than entertaining, the band felt that there were many technical issues that needed to be dealt with, more songs that needed to be written, and a more appropriate band name to be chosen. After laying low and honing their craft for several months, they were approached by their friend Richard Nolan Jr. (who was originally asked to be in the group, but declined due to his busy lifestyle). The trio set to work on recording some demo’s, and eventually agreed on the name BEWARE! (much to Nolan’s disapproval). BEWARE! performed as a three-piece with electronic beats and sequences for the next couple of years before deciding to seek out a live drummer. Seth Tillinghast, known to the band as area songwriter Littlefoot, was the only person who responded. Luckily, it was a great match! Longtime friends and collaborators Kamran Parwana and Ryan Stewart began rehearsing and performing with BEWARE! as well. Things were looking up…